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Whispers of personal renewal. A growing desperation for corporate revival. An expectancy for a spiritual awakening that springs forth from neighborhoods all over our nation. Lord, would you do it again! read less

Revival Stories #1: Lord Do It Again
May 29 2021
Revival Stories #1: Lord Do It Again
Welcome to the very first episode of Revival Stories. I'm a pastor, student of revivals and a child of God who longs to see hundreds of thousands added to the family of God, covered in his love. It’s my hope that the stories you hear in this podcast will create whispers of the Spirit that lead to personal renewal, a growing desperation for corporate revival, and a fresh expectancy for an awakening to the love of Jesus that springs forth in every neighborhood of our nation. And it is also my hope that these stories will inspire us, perhaps even compel us to pray. This episode sets the stage for the stories to come with a beginning description of travailing prayer and its impact on revival.The podcast will close by praying the "Do It Again!" prayer. Do It Again PrayerGod of revival, would you do it again? See us in the midst of our rubble and hear our cries to do it again. We confess our sins, the dryness of our bones, the rubble of our church, and the brokenness of our families and neighborhoods. O God, we need your gracious hand upon us, would you do it again?Like the amazing rebuilding of Nehemiah’s day Like your promise to Ezekiel to breathe life into dry bones  Like the power of your Spirit that turned a ragtag group of Jesus-apprentices into those who turned the world upside down would you do it again! What you have done throughout history, would you do now?  What you are doing globally, would you do here?  What you have done through others, would you do through us? Lord, do it again. Stir our hearts with holy fire. Breathe new life into dry bones. Fill our valleys with the knowledge of your glory. Revive your church and renew your people. Pour out your fierce, sacrificial love through us. We are your family and one day we will sit around your table, but for now, we are desperate for your hand upon us.  We surrender to chase you with all our hearts. Hear our prayers, Lord. Do it again and do it through us. Amen.