How much money are you wasting on digital tools and how much do you want to fix that?

The Content Fix

Jan 14 2020 • 21 mins

Have you ever received a receipt for a recurring payment on an app or subscription you forgot you even had? I have and I’m guessing you have too. You know that sinking feeling – the subscription has renewed, it’s too late to do anything and you’ve just lost that money.

The worst part is, it’s probably not the only one.

It seems obvious that we’d remember what we are paying for but you’d be amazed how quickly we forget what we’ve signed up for in our businesses. And so many of them renew without a courtesy email reminder first.

In this episode, I’m outlining a simple process you can follow to identify, delete or manage your subscription payments. That includes evaluating them to decide what really is of value and to spot the areas that can be downgraded.

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