How Home Runs Help Plant Trees: Partnership with the Cleveland Guardians

Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Apr 25 2024 • 14 mins

Sandee Reid, Davey’s vice president of corporate communications and strategic planning, talks about Davey’s partnership with the Cleveland Guardians and why reestablishing the tree canopy is so important.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is Swing for the Trees? (0:46)
  • Which trees are planted through the program? (1:18)
  • Where are the trees planted? (2:00)
  • How the partnership began (2:32)
  • Earth Week Sponsorship (3:42)
  • Sandee's ceremonial first pitch (5:28)
  • Why the Guardians? (5:45)
  • Davey's other sports partnerships (6:50)
  • Davey's excitement for home runs and plantings (7:40)
  • When plantings occur (8:23)
  • The importance of tree canopies (9:07)
  • The legacy of trees (10:05)
  • Sandee's Davey Tree journey (11:56)

To find your local Davey office, check out our find a local office page to search by zip code.

To learn more about the Swing for the Trees partnership, read our press releases about the program.

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