Arborists' Career Paths + A GIVEAWAY!

Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Jan 13 2022 • 13 mins

We are celebrating our one-year podcast anniversary this month with a Davey Bluetooth earbuds giveaway! To enter, head to our Facebook page @DaveyTree or our LinkedIn page @TheDaveyTreeExpertCompany to learn how to enter. This week we're sharing some of our favorite stories over the past year of how our arborists came to find their careers in arboriculture.

In this episode we cover:

  • R.J. Laverne's story (1:16)
  • Auxilio Tovar's story (3:48)
  • Chrissy Balk's story (4:42)
  • Miles Stephens' story (7:00)
  • Dash Schenck's story (8:29)
  • Gail Nozal's story (11:44)

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