What's up with RSV?

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Nov 8 2022 • 29 mins

Oh dear. Another virus?? And this time it’s affecting the kids?? Chances are you have heard news stories about RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, and how cases of RSV infections in kids and babies have been spiking much earlier than usual in the US. This puts strain on an already stretched-thin healthcare and hospital system, and strikes fear into parents and healthcare professionals, with media outlets warning of a potential “tripledemic”.

Jeremy and Julie are here, with a little aid and input from Dr. Bridget Voigt, Pediatrician at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Voigt paints a picture of the healthcare response to this surge in viral respiratory illness in the pediatric population, and provides guidance on how we can best manage it.

Tune in for an important, topical episode! It’s not all gloom and doom, we promise. Let’s arm ourselves with some clear, evidence based information to help keep all of us safe and healthy.

For more RSV information, check out these sources:

CDC website on RSV

Mayo Clinic RSV Website

Scientific American Article on RSV

NPR/WBEZ Article on RSV Surge

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