Uncut & Real Raw With Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson

Horse trainer turned millionaire Clinton Anderson interviews successful business owners from all industries about how they started their careers and how they navigated the challenges and successes of running their own businesses while maintaining their personal lives. Delivered with Clinton’s Aussie humor and his no-holds-barred, straight-to-the-guts style. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Uncut & Real Raw With Clinton Anderson podcast is a unique business show. Clinton invites guests from all sorts of backgrounds to share their stories. Entrepreneurs offer their perspectives on every facet of success. They discuss finances, careers, and relationships. Clinton has a fun, unfiltered approach to podcasting. The Australian native brings a refreshing, unapologetic tone to the show. His personality cuts through the seriousness of business.

Uncut & Real Raw aims to advise listeners on what drives success. More than accruing wealth, this goal includes maintaining a work-life balance. With each interview, Clinton examines guests' struggles across their unique paths. They share the risks they took as well as the lessons they learned. Previous guests on the podcast include Rodney Carrington and business coach Christina Lecuyer. Clinton's candid interview style draws an engaging discussion out of guests. He gleans insights from the mindset they used to overcome obstacles to success.

Like his podcast guests, Clinton has a fascinating life story. Born in Australia, he apprenticed as a horse trainer at an early age. He opened his own equestrian facility at eighteen years old. After moving to the US, he garnered fame for his Downunder Horsemanship training program. Clinton started a TV show and competed in multiple horse riding competitions. Downunder Horsemanship still operates out of Texas. Beyond competing, Clinton also travels as a clinician and has published a book on his methods. His success story serves as an inspiration to fledgling business owners.

Fans of the show enjoy Clinton's invaluable advice and honesty. His interviews offer great advice and humor. Entrepreneurs in any industry may find practical advice to build a successful career. The stories of determination and grit offer motivation for listeners to persevere. Those interested in an authentic conversation about chasing a dream might enjoy Uncut & Real Raw with Clinton Anderson. New episodes come out once a month.

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