EP240: The Importance of The 8 Steps: Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude

The Wednesday Call with Andy Albright

Oct 21 2020 • 1 hr 35 mins

On this episode of The Wednesday Call podcast, Andy Albright wraps up his series on the importance of The 8 Steps to Success by talking about communicating with a positive mental attitude.

8 Steps Book: Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude Chapter Talking Points:

• It's how you say it

• Do not tell me your problems

• The bad makes the good

• It's a business of attraction

• Dress for success

• Line up your words

• Help is at hand

• Timing is everything

Step 8: Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude "Are you attracting individuals toward you?" -- Andy Albright

Moral: A positive attitude requires a strong sense of self. You can't attract a positive outlook without a positive outlook.

How to discover your core self:

List all the things you are not (negative attributes)

For Example:
I am not Selfish
I am not Careless
I am not Lazy
I am not Pessimistic

List all the things opposite of your negatives

For Example:

I am Service-Minded (Golden Retriever attribute) I am Methodical (Beaver attribute)
I am Decisive (Lion attribute)
I am Enthusiastic (Otter attribute)

Lesson: You best learn who you are from learning who you are not.






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