Leslie At Large | Episode 7: Managua, Movies, and Music!

Offshore Club's Friends & Family Podcast

Jul 27 2022 • 23 mins

Leslie At Large | Episode 7: Managua, Movies, and Music….this past weekend was all about having some fun with friends.  It all started with a quick overnight getaway in Managua.  Managua is the largest city in Nicaragua and it is the capital.  You may be curious what a city in Central America looks like. Managua consists of all the usual things that you would expect like governmental buildings, museums, apartments, monuments, restaurants, shopping malls, as well as local markets. Leslie enjoys hanging out at the Galerias Santo Domingo shopping mall area which has fabulous shops, great restaurants, and a movie theater.  The main focus was going to the new Elvis movie which had been released earlier in the US, and had finally made it to Nicaragua. Dressed in black and with a little bling….Leslie was ready to experience her first movie night in Managua. It did not disappoint.  And what could make a great night even better…how about singing karaoke at the Hard Rock Managua? Yes, that happened and it was so much fun. Leslie thinks fun and music should be a part of everyday life. So she headed back to Gran Pacifica, and was able to have a music night with friends. Just picture a cool condo with a room full of instruments, and you are surrounded by your neighbors who share a love of music. Another weekend filled with music, laughter and friends. It’s that reminder how the little things in life are the most important. Questions? Email us at offshoreclub@ecidevelopment.com.

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