What's Keeping You From Your Perfect Podcast Future?

Hiring a Podcast Editor

Aug 19 2022 • 13 mins

What does knowing what you want your podcast to look like have to do with hiring the right podcast editor?

Well, arguably, we're going to tackle a pretty broad topic today, and not every bit of it will apply. But I'm going to ask you to allow yourself the opportunity to expand your perspective a bit, because we're going to dig into that perfect magic wand future that we talked about in the last episode, and start to identify what's standing in our way.

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Listen to discover

  • The two most common categories of roadblocks
  • Which roadblocks you might want to accept
  • Why there should always be a gap between your expectations and your skill


Links & Resources

Links & Resources

  • Engaging Missions Show - This is the show that I was producing at the time that I brought on my first podcast editor. It's on an indefinite hiatus, primarily because editing was taking over my life and this show was costing money rather than making money.
  • 1,000 Podcasters - I launched this solo show primarily to get some practice in storytelling and solo hosting. It eventually gathered a bit of an audience, but I made the choice to stop producing it because my calendar was too full, and I needed to prioritize some things that were more important - like faith and family (and sleep).
  • YaYa Podcasting - This is my friend Carrie. She offered a short course on how to edit dialog for scripted podcasts that I took because I always want to be growing and improving.

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15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Podcast Editor

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