The Magic Wand Question For Your Podcast

Hiring a Podcast Editor

Aug 13 2022 • 20 mins

Probably the most important thing you can do when hiring an editor is to be clear on what you want. If you were with us for the past couple of episodes, you're starting to get some clarity around why you want an editor and how to describe your show.

We looked at those through the perspective of being able to talk with an editor, but the reality is that we're also using those exercises to help you get clarity... for yourself.

This is no different. If you go through the exercise today, you'll leave with a renewed perspective on what you REALLY want it all to look like.

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You'll discover

  • The one question that can help you open your mind
  • Four areas you need to consider
  • A few ideas you might have thought about
  • Why it's not critical that everything be exactly right

Links & Resources

Links & Resources

  • Engaging Missions Show - This is the show that I was producing at the time that I brought on my first podcast editor. It's on an indefinite hiatus, primarily because editing was taking over my life and this show was costing money rather than making money.
  • FXMissions Leaders Moment Podcast - It's okay to rethink your content strategy for a show that's already in production. Scott intentionally got ahead on his production schedule so that he could dedicate some time to rethink the ways his show could serve his audience, his business, the ministry he leads, and his frequent leadership trainings. That strategy is nearly ready for implementation.
  • The Growability Podcast - Joshua records his podcast live and does the content edit where he trims an hour-long recording into about 10-15 minutes of content before sending it to my team for audio repair, detailed editing, and the final mix & master, as well as scheduling the episode and the associated YouTube video.
  • YaYa Podcasting - This is my friend Carrie. She offered a short course on how to edit dialog for scripted podcasts that I took because I always want to be growing and improving.

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15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Podcast Editor

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