Father Bomukama in Uganda - from Student to School Builder

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Apr 15 2021 • 51 mins

The miraculous story of Father Bomukama Denis, who is from a small village in Uganda. His only prayer as a poor child was to be able to go to school, something we take for granted. His faithful prayer and persistence took him on a miraculous journey to follow where God led him. He was a boy whose father died of AIDS when he was 3, and he went on to defeat insurmountable obstacles of poverty, the AIDS epidemic, scarcity of the basic needs of food, water and clothing and not only went to school, but he excelled and become a priest and earned a Master’s degree. He has now built a school for orphans of any religion and has never forgotten his prayer to be able to go to school. His mission to help children in the remotest villages in Uganda is growing and continues to give hope and support to those who are most vulnerable. He was called to be a priest of Divine Mercy and now works with Pat Polachek at the Foundation of Jesus the Divine mercy who I interviewed in the previous podcast. You can be part of the miracle of helping poor children in Uganda by visiting the website for Father Bomukama’s Wind of Hope Initiative at WOHinitiativeUG.org

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