Special Encore Presentation: New Web Coaching & Guidance for All Dancers

Dance Talk Radio

Mar 23 2015 • 57 mins

From teaching all over the world, to being the top producer of Instructional Videos, to launching the hottest in demand website, Bob Rizzo consistently stays relevant in the dance industry. Bob's new website venture coaches dancers with personalized critiques of their competitive pieces by professionals in the business. Not sure what to do next when pursuing a professional career in dance? Check out www.thedancecoach.com to get one on one career coaching. Meet our featured dance studio Eclipse Performing Arts during Inside the Studio and get insight of how they ramped up this once struggling studio and put themselves on the national map with one dedicated teacher and studio owner. It takes a village to bring up kids today, and dancers are no different. Don't miss the choice made by parents, a Godmother, and a young gifted dancer when faced with a tough decision. Hear how she picked up and moved cross country to receive consistent advanced training.

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