Faith and Imagination: A BYU Humanities Center Podcast

BYU Humanities Center

How do we envision our highest ideals and deepest commitments? How do we name and express our most expansive sense of who we are? The Faith and Imagination podcast explores these questions by conversing with scholars and others who address our religious and spiritual lives creatively and insightfully. Sponsored by the BYU Humanities Center.

Season 2 Recap: Reflecting Back, Looking ForwardOn Writing of Spiritual Things, with guest Charles Shiro Inouye, Tufts UniversityFinding Christ in Poetry, with guest Paul J. Pastor, poetPermeable Selfhood, or, The Persons within Persons We Are, with guest Barbara Newman, Northwestern UniversityGod's Peaceful Presence in Seasons of War, with guest Irena Dragaš Jansen, writerHighlighted Episode: Art + Faith, with guest Makoto Fujimura, contemporary artist"Perhaps": Reclaiming the Space between Doubt and Dogmatism, with guest Josh McNall, Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityAging Faithfully, with guest Alice FrylingChristian Spirituality Today, with guest Glen Scorgie, Bethel SeminaryThe Theology – and Poetry – of Suffering, Transformation, and Joy, with guest Laura Reece HoganA Theology of Life with Depression, with guest Jessica Coblentz, St. Mary's CollegeBlack Women, Faith, and the Stories We Inherit, with guest Yolanda Pierce, Howard UniversityDisability, Grace, and Life Beyond the Meritocracy, with guest Amy Julia BeckerThis Sacred Life: Hope in an Era of Climate Crisis, with guest Norman Wirzba, Duke UniversityHighlighted Episode: Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis, with guest Sarah Bachelard, Benedictus Contemplative ChurchSome Favorite Books We Read in 2021, with guest George Handley, Brigham Young UniversityMusic for Eternity: Meditations for Advent, with guest Robyn Wrigley-Carr, Alphacrucis CollegeFaith Crisis and a Franciscan Response, with guest Daniel P. Horan, St. Mary's CollegeHighlighted Episode: On Prayer and Abundance, with guest Tish Harrison Warren, Resurrection South AustinThe Art of Christian Reflection, with guest Heidi J. Hornik, Baylor University