Get to Know Saturn

Meditate with Ambika

Apr 3 2023 • 12 mins

There is no reason to fear Saturn, instead I encourage you to respect him! Read this article and subscribe to my blog at

Are you ready for a deep dive to learn more about your natal chart and to find out which planets are dancing in the cosmos just for you? I am looking forward to illuminating this for you. As a client, working with me, I unravel the hidden information in your chart so that you can gain clear answers to the burning questions and map out the road ahead in your sessions with me. We will address topics including: Health and wellness, location, timing, and all of your potentials. If you need to pivot or change where you are living or what you are doing, if you want to get into a relationship, sustain your relationship or need help and support in leaving a relationship, I am here to be your guide. This is why I always say,

Life is how you planet. Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your navigator!

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Ambika Devi

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