Ep | 31 Easter

Conversations with Lily

Apr 17 2022 • 32 mins

Big time catch up episode. Its Easter! We talk about al the things that have happened since feb.

Also in this episode:

  • Emoella Bratella explained
  • fix it!
  • Rob cant talk. Lily needs to take over
  • If you read the show notes, you’re awesome. We love you.
  • Lily (the woman, ewe) made herself cringe
  • fake moustaches
  • eggs with Sophia!
  • Winner winner chicken egger??
  • Sophia's house is cool, she has a forrest.
  • Sticks at Nonas
  • Competition season!!
  • AE and what lily got for medals
  • WOOAH. That was really good
  • Crocs are a thing
  • we are cooler here than vancouver people
  • Sorry vancouver people. but its true.
  • Lilys favorite part(s) of the first competition
  • 13 hr day
  • hanging with Sasha
  • she doesn't like to lose
  • Only worry about the things within your control (Dad wisdom) (Lily not impressed with life lessons with Dad)
  • Shes embarrassed
  • 🙄
  • Huston we have a conflict!!
  • The one thing Rob & Stacey always dread, happened.
  • Hawi!!
  • Lots of opinions on going into Jr high school, save that for the next episode
  • Boop! Boom!
  • Going to pampa for dinner!