Ep28 | A year in review

Conversations with Lily

Dec 22 2021 • 46 mins

This weeks episode we do a recap of our podcast after 1 year of recording.

Also in this episode:

  • Dico doncing, we all go disco doncing
  • Mexico for Christmas!!
  • We have learned a lot about podcasting
  • Lily’s awesome at reading without her glasses
  • We still say like alot…
  • “Shiz nuts”
  • Are we more or less serious since we started?
  • “Number part one”
  • Lily still and never will remember Rob’s birthday
  • Lilys so big brain
  • Last years Mexico Christmas CANCELLED
  • So many bullet points
  • we watch the- OHHHH
  • Mom likes Brain child more then she does Lily
  • Yup yup yup yup yup
  • Very very well
  • Lilys favourite episode
  • "mhm mhm”
  • Shout outs (Bosco and Jayleigh)
  • Famaglia
  • Words.
  • I cut my stupid bangs -_—Lily
  • Solo
  • Paco th-the taco?
  • Ridiculous NAMES
  • Dresher
  • Bum washing with nona? What???
  • Dun Dun DUNNN
  • We had the blast
  • sweaty Kruger
  • Stay tuned for the Christmas episode!!

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