Ep23 | Bum Washing with Nona

Conversations with Lily

Sep 21 2021 • 39 mins

This week we have our first guest on the podcast! Its Nona! (Aka Rob’s Mom) (Aka Gwen Corno) We had her over for dinner and thought it would be fun to do a podcast together.

  • Earls for dinner
  • Kevin gets a voucher
  • Gwen learns what a Karen is
  • All the Karens we know are lovely
  • Adios to all the Jills
  • Alberta is a sea of Gwens
  • Rob Alphabet
  • Another Corno!?!?
  • Quin Corneau
  • Lily is a potty mouth now
  • Nona Loves the “F” Word
  • “Un-Smart”
  • Wrong ice cream swears
  • Holy Eff!
  • “I Love my mornings in the afternoon”
  • The Bidet story
  • Headphone problems
  • Apple Cinnamon Farts
  • I grew up in my house
  • Kola is 57lbs now
  • Everybody needs a friend
  • Nona is swag
  • Thank you for Joining us Nona! We Love you 😘

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