Ep 18 | Catch Up | Before you Samsung Refrigerator Up

Conversations with Lily

Jun 22 2021 • 31 mins

We are back!!  After 9 weeks we have returned with a Fathers day episode. Lily shuts off Roblox for 30 min to do a Poddy. So many things have happened. Get into it! We touch on all of them… We think…

Also in this episode:

  • Its Fajas day. (Only Austin Powers fans will get it)
  • Hey Krista No. 1 fan! We are back.
  • We think covid is almost over. Hate Covid so hard
  • Things Lily is excited about
  • Our Sponsor is back. We appreciate you Bob.
  • Lily's going to a party??
  • Online school is coming to an end (finally, lily says)
  • Going to see a good friend after a year of not seeing her in person
  • Golden birthdays
  • Our last episode was at Easter
  • We lost Papa. 😔  We are going to talk about it in another episode. (Lily does not want to)
  • Online dance is over
  • Dancing in the rain
  • The “Gunkles” were here from L.A and it was THE best. We love and Miss you Tay & Kanoa❤️
  • Tay is in the greatest showman. You should watch it. He is also an amazing Director.
  • Kanoa is going to be a superstar actor. He is in a movie coming out soon that was at Sundance.
  • Lily gets a shoutout from a special person. Still talking about it.
  • 9 weeks is too long
  • Rob is trying to eat better.
  • Shout out papa johns. (So good)
  • Whats with Lily and Samsung Refrigerators?
  • Yes please travel!! We want to go so bad!
  • Gross noises

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