Ep24 | Gender Fluid Chickens

Conversations with Lily

Sep 26 2021 • 38 mins

This week we chat about a life update getting back to reality and into our normal routine with dance and school, Lilys upcoming birthday, & we have a new segment where we read portions of Lilys grade 3 journal. It's pretty funny. We think anyway.

  • Song confusion (Pump up the jam)
  • Dark light blue?
  • Golden/Champaign birthday
  • Why were you born on the wrong day?
  • Giant list
  • Buy me a Tesla
  • Drama on the podcast
  • Lily goes out of order
  • Summer is over
  • Back to all the things
  • Get Vaxed! (Or don’t. We don’t judge)
  • Lilys not scared. (Maybe a little)
  • Competitions this year!! We are both pumped!
  • Lily’s PACKED dance schedule (Lily wrote this)
  • Baby class 3-5 that Lily teaches
  • Pre-point is uh exiting?
  • Bathroom key-card (It’s gonna suck in the winter time)
  • Lily’s tiny bladder
  • Grade 3 journal writing
  • Grade 3 spelling
  • punksuweacion
  • Nameless chicken
  • Lily’s Storytelling ability is unmatched
  • Rob’s a great parent… on only Wednesdays.
  • Rhinoceros?? (We don’t even know if its spelled correctly)
  • BOOYEA!! (Too loud)
  • 2089. What are cars? Are unicorns real?
  • “The Scare or Die” Haunt
  • You there’s a lady.
  • Chopt
  • The other 4 rooms are a mystery
  • Animal for a day
  • Does anyone find this funny beside us? We amuse ourselves.
  • Just put a Smil on your…
  • Lily’s stories end so abruptly
  • rappy rappies!
  • Thanks friends! We Love you!

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