The Choice of Living Undeterred is Yours

Growth through Grief

Apr 25 2023 • 45 mins

One day you are a successful entrepreneur, husband and father, and then you lose a son, and not too long after, lose your bride too?

This is the story of Jeff Johnston’s life, and in this interview we explore how his life was forever changed five years ago when he got the call that his eldest son died of fentanyl poisoning, and then two years ago when Jeff experienced another loss, losing his wife Prudence to alcoholism a he joined our collective experience, our widower brotherhood.

Since these losses Jeff has dedicated his life to Living Undeterred. This included creating a mental health charity, writing the book “This One’s For You – an Inspirational Journey Through Addiction, Death and Meaning”, creating the Living Undeterred Podcast, and so much more.

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