The Impact of AI and Autonomous Control in Pulp & Paper Manufacturing

ProcessMiner™ University

Dec 10 2020 • 35 mins

From the days of hand-drawn statistical process control charts using rudimentary statistical process control to drive optimization, to now... robust, autonomous, closed-loop control in pulp and paper manufacturing.
Solenis’ resident Data Scientist, Cydney Rechtin, sits down with ProcessMiner's Director of Science, Chitta Ranjan, and Solenis' Product Launch Manager, Matt Callicott, to talk everything autonomous control in pulp and paper manufacturing, including overcoming obstacles to get to where we are now.
From where we've been to where we are now, and more importantly, to where we're headed in the future, listen in to this conversation with ProcessMiner and Solenis.
  • Cydney Rechtin, Data Scientist, Solenis, LLC: As Solenis’ resident Data Scientist, Rechtin leverages her unique blend of paper manufacturing experience and data analytics to develop and support key analytical product developments including the OPTIX™ Applied Intelligence platform. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Pulp and Paper Technology from North Carolina State University and an M.S. in Analytics from Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Chitta Ranjan, Director of Science, ProcessMiner: Chitta earned his Ph.D. from the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, at Georgia Tech. Chitta works on developing real-time AI systems for manufacturing industries with the goal of making them autonomous and sustainable. He serves on multiple boards of directors in the analytics and engineering space.
  • Matt Callicott, Product Launch Manager, Solenis, LLC: With more than seven years’ experience in 100+ paper mills throughout North America, Europe and Latin America, Matt works to help develop and expand the Solenis data analytics platform. He helps customers drive more accurate, data-driven solutions from the ocean of data in a dynamic manufacturing process. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.
ProcessMiner University Emcee:
  • Tom Tulloch, Chief Commercial Officer, ProcessMiner: Passionately helping customers find new ways to monetize their data, Tom helps business leaders execute continuous process improvement objectives using applied artificial intelligence. A career spanning two decades of leadership and expertise in data, he is widely recognized as a data and emerging technologies expert, frequently asked to share his knowledge and expertise around new technologies shaping Industry 4.0 and the Digital Industrial Revolution.