Green is the New Black

Climate Vision 2050

Apr 5 2023 • 27 mins

Clothing recycling along with second-hand and rental markets have significantly decreased waste in the fashion industry. Today in 2050, every garment tells a story. This transparency about an item’s provenance empowers consumers to make responsible choices. At Tokyo Fashion Week, model Emiko Ikeda must decide if they should take a stand against unethical clothing manufacturing.

The lines between the digital and physical realms has blurred, completely changing the way we think about fashion today.  Avatars of fantastical creatures and the injection of individuality and creativity into clothing have brought a new dynamism to the way we dress every day.

Fashion Futurist Geraldine Wharry and BCG partner and sustainable fashion expert Catharina Martinez-Pardo, share the journey we’ve taken to get here.  They share stories about 3D printing, increased regulations and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Climate Vision 2050 is a podcast from BCG, a global consulting firm committed to climate and sustainability action.  Join us every episode as we explore how the world radically reduced carbon emissions and stepped back from the brink of climate catastrophe.

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