Live, Laugh, Larceny: A True Petty Crime Podcast

Amanda & Trevin

A genre-bending comedy podcast that parodies true crime by telling real life petty crime stories like an over-the-top audio drama. Join us every Wednesday for dumb criminals, cheesy sound effects and killer facts. Hosted by Amanda Rose and Trevin Bartee. read less

Our Editor's Take

For some people, true crime podcasts are fascinating but upsetting. The idea of talking about true crime on a comedy podcast can seem even more inappropriate. Live, Laugh, Larceny does the opposite. It overdramatizes small-time crimes in a funny way. The podcast title comes from that ubiquitous "Life, Laugh, Love" sign seen in suburban homes.

The hosts are Amanda and Trevin, two old friends. They enjoy stories of minor but outrageous misdemeanors. They take stories from the news and create funny and engaging audio drama. Sometimes podcast listeners send in the stories. Both hosts write and perform the dialogue in their reenactments. There are running jokes, pop culture references, and silly sound effects.

Each episode of Live, Laugh, Larceny begins with "Dreadful Dilemmas." In this segment, Amanda and Trevin update each other on their lives in an exaggerated way. In one podcast episode, Trevin tells a story about how he woke up to a scary noise at five in the morning. The source of the noise was elusive and surprising. Another recurring feature is "Killer Facts," when the hosts exchange fascinating facts about death. One killer fact is about how George Washington's friend planned to make him a zombie. He wanted to ensure George got to see the year 1800.

Most episodes of Live, Laugh, Larceny have two stories with a common theme. This could be a motive, a means, or a holiday. The podcast does a 4/20 episode every year. One story from a 4/20 show is about a young man who operates a "big-a** tractor" under the influence. No one gets hurt. Some big, somehow satisfying, consequences involve police property.

Live, Laugh, Larceny episodes often end with Amanda and Trevin discussing their feelings about the true stories. The podcast hosts try to view all parties with sympathy and understanding. The humanity they bring to the material makes the humor even more enjoyable. New episodes come out each week.

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