What are the Creepiest Filipino Mythical Creatures

Barok and Takya Bisaya Podcast

Nov 28 2020 • 35 mins

What are your creepiest Filipino mythical creatures? Are Filipino mythical creatures real? In this episode, Barok and Takya will share some of their thoughts on their top lists of these mythical creatures in the Philippines discussed on their podcast.

Filipinos love their horror stories told by their great ancestors which these stories have remained passed from generations to generations. They are so invested in listening in to these Pinoy mythical creatures stories. Until now, Filipinos creative imagination about this Philippine folklore creatures is still playing back into their minds.

In this topic, Barok shares one of his creepiest mythical creatures about the "Sigbin". The tale said that this is a half-goat and a half-dog that runs very fast in the opposite direction. When he was a kid, he remembers after watching a movie or soap opera from another "barangay", he sometimes goes home by himself and always teases by his friends that a" Sigbin" is already waiting for him in the bush. He is so scared that he remembers running so fast that he nearly dies from a heart attack.

Takya, on the other hand, shares her thought about the wandering spirits that are called" kaluluwa" or" kalag" in Bisaya language. She remembers that these are the souls that have not yet crossover into another life. Takya tells that these souls have not, however, accepted their passing and warned their love ones about the danger or person committed his death.

Filipinos have so many stories about these mythical creatures. For them, this is a culture that has brought since time, and it still exists today, these are always believed mainly in the rural provinces of the Philippines where technology has not yet developed.

Join Barok and Takya on their topic discussion and learn to listen to Bisaya language about these Filipino Mythical creatures and tell us what you think of bayan. Participate in the debate by commenting below if you have experienced or encounter some of these mythical creatures in the Philippines.

Have you experienced them bayan? Are Filipino Mythical Creatures real? Do you believe in them? Comment below and tell us about your story bayan.

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