SaaS Whispers

SaaS Whispers by Zluri

SaaS is seen as one of the best things that have ever happened in the world of software in terms of costs and ease of usage. But it’s not enough to embrace its advantages alone. There are two sides to a coin, and even SaaS has a lesser-known side that can harm businesses if left unattended. The dark side of SaaS involves shadow IT, security and compliance risks, and SaaS wastage. We’ve started this podcast series, “SaaS Whispers,” to focus on the inefficiencies and cost overruns posed by increased SaaS adoption and how organizations can use SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs) to mitigate these risks and make the most out of their SaaS stack. We’ll be talking to top IT leaders, CIOs, and CFOs, ITAM, and SAM experts from around the world who’ll share their experiences of managing SaaS in their organizations. We’re hoping to bring the conversations about SaaS-based risks from the shadows to the forefront of the technology community through them. Each episode will deal with topics such as SaaS Management Platforms, shadow IT, SaaS security and compliance, problems managing SaaS using spreadsheets, and a lot more.
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