One Year of Highly Sensitive Healing and What's Next!

Highly Sensitive Healing

Jul 13 2022 • 7 mins

The podcast celebrated it's one year anniversary on July 7th! 🎉 Over 60 plus episodes we’ve shared tips and insights about living a purposeful and balanced highly sensitive life and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as I’ve enjoyed creating. The NEW Podcast (Sensitivity Rising) begins September 2022! Follow me here for all the updates and info:😍 (Facebook ) (Instagram) Your Favorite Highly Sensitive Healing Meditation Practices (Guided Yoga Nidra Practice For Sleep) (Highly Sensitive body scan meditation (full meditation)) ♥ (Find more meditations HERE on Insight Timer!)♥ Other Listener Faves (How to stop worrying about what others think) (Feeling invisible as a Highly Sensitive Person) (My Highly Sensitive story) My Favorites (Escaping Perfectionism) (Our lives are a sacred spiral… Not a straight line.)