Demon Hunting For Dummies

I Love Lucifer The Podcast

Aug 25 2021 • 31 mins

After vanquishing a powerful foe, Tanya and Holly learn that Larry lied and their demon hunting days are indeed, not over! Created by: Susie Singer Carter and Don Priess Written by: Susie Singer Carter, Don Priess, Robert Beaucage Directed by: Susie Singer Carter Starring: ADAM LEVY - NIGEL THOMPSON/NARRATOR DAWNMARIE FERRARA - TANYA THOMPSON SUSIE SINGER CARTER - HOLLY KLYM RICK SINGER - LARRY STEINMAN RICK ADAMS - IAN FINNERTY DON PRIESS - VAMPIRE/SPONGEBOB WILL DIXON - TYPHON DEANNA HURST -ECHIDNA SCOTT WOLMAN - RIDGE MARCUS MEGHAN MCLEOD - WONDER WOMAN NANCY CAPERS - TAROT CARD READER MARK LEVINE - THE HULK HARRI JAMES - BLIND WOMAN CARISSA KOSTA - WOMAN IN DISTRESS MADELINE CARTER - TOUR GUIDE KARISHMA AHLUWALIA - SALESGIRL PETE WILKE - TOURIST DAD ADI MCKIBBON - TOURIST GIRL EPISODE LINK TO "SCARY TIME" from INDIE DROP-IN NETWORK: https://scarytime.indiedropin.com/ill Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices