M&A Murders & Accusations: The Good the Bad and The Ugly of Selling Your Business

Rick J. Krebs, M&A Advisor, CPA and CEPA

M&A Murders & Accusations: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of Selling Your Business! We dig deep into what you MUST know when selling your business.  Learn how to NOT kill the sale of your business.  Rick J. Krebs, the mastermind M&A Advisor (Mergers & Acquisitions, not Murders and Accusations) and expert at selling businesses, has transformed the lives of countless business owners by helping them secure the right buyer at the right price.  You have only one chance to sell your business and this podcast will provide the vital information you need to know.

Brace yourself for mind-blowing discussions with industry experts and business owners who have already sold their businesses.

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Wow Your Buyers by Answering Questions Based on Personality Type
Sep 11 2023
Wow Your Buyers by Answering Questions Based on Personality Type
Welcome to a captivating journey through the world of selling your business. In this episode, we're diving deep into the vital knowledge you need to secure the successful sale of your business, while steering clear of common pitfalls that could put your sale at risk.Today's discussion revolves around a fascinating revelation: the four distinct personas you're bound to cross paths with during the process of selling your business. Picture this: you're about to uncover the secrets behind these personalities and understand why this knowledge is a game-changer for your selling strategy.Have you ever wondered why understanding these diverse personalities is essential? Why should you care about decoding the intricacies of different individuals when navigating the intricate process of selling a business? Brace yourself, because the answers lie in grasping what truly drives these unique characters, what ignites their passions, and how to expertly engage with their queries and curiosities.Let's delve into these four captivating personas:The Ship Captain/Rhino (CEO) - The Visionary TrailblazerThe Surfer (Sales) - Riding the Waves of EnthusiasmThe Lifeguard (Any Position) - Guardian of Goodness and ImpactThe Lap Swimmer (Accountant, Engineer, Attorney) - Precision in MotionBut wait, there's more! Discover the secrets of identifying these personalities in your potential buyers. Uncover the art of tailoring your responses to capture their imagination and enthusiasm. Join us as we reveal how to resonate with each personality type, enticing them to envision a future with your business at the helm.So, business owners, buckle up for an exhilarating expedition into the minds of these four intriguing personas. Master the art of interaction, influence, and igniting excitement as you venture forth in the quest to sell your business. Your journey starts now.Visit us at:Bsalesgroup.comDesignMySale.com