#156: Rescuing RiffRaff, Pt 1: Fostering a Dog With Aggression with Gaby Boijsen

Drinking From the Toilet: Real dogs, Real training

Apr 5 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

This episode is the first in a 2-part special series following the journey of RiffRaff, a rescue dog with a tendency toward violence. This sounds like a common story, but I assure you... RiffRaff’s story does not end the way you think. No spoilers though! In this episode, we discuss what we know about RiffRaff’s history and how he ended up with Gaby, identifying the triggers of RiffRaff’s aggressive behavior, exploring possible causes of his behavior, how did Gaby decide to work with him, early steps of his training, teaching him to wear a muzzle, and getting creative with protected contact to work with RiffRaff safely.

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