Hyperlocality and Abundance with Jamiah Hargins


Oct 21 2021 • 28 mins

This month on Repast, Diana Winters and Beth Kent, a fellow in environmental law and policy at the Emmett Institute at UCLA Law, talk with Jamiah Hargins, founder of Crop Swap LA and the Asante Microfarm, about healthy food access, the need to keep things local, and why Crop Swap LA is actually a lifestyle company.  Jamiah, Diana, and Beth discuss the intricacies of growing and distributing food in L.A., L.A. food policy, and exciting Crop Swap LA and microfarm developments.  Jamiah also points to meaningful volunteer opportunities for students and others looking to make a difference in healthy food access, community development, and food policy.

Jamiah Hargins is the founder of Crop Swap LA.

Diana Winters is the Deputy Director of the Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy at UCLA Law.

Beth Kent is an Emmett/Frankel Fellow in Environmental Law and Policy at UCLA Law.

Crop Swap LA's website is here.

You can find a L.A. Times article about Jamiah here, and one in Food and Wine here.