The Three Questions with Andy Richter

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Host Andy Richter asks the same three questions to each guest: Where do you come from? Where are you going? What have you learned? These three simple questions, when answered honestly and thoughtfully, are enough to provide a pretty complete picture of who a person is. The answers are what Andy always wants to know about people. This will not be a one-sided process, as Andy won’t shy away from getting personal himself. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Three Questions with Andy Richter is more than a regular talk show. This podcast closely examines the lives of some of the most loved names in show business. The audience gets the inside scoop into what shaped their favorite stars. Guests include everyone from TV actors to stand-up comedians. Listeners get a peek into their private lives like never before.

The host of this series is American comedian, actor, and talk-show personality Andy Richter. Richter is widely known as the sidekick on Conan O'Brien's talk shows. He also voiced the beloved character of Mort for the Madagascar movies.

As the title suggests, this comedy podcast centers around three questions. These aim to get to know each guest a bit more than usual. Listeners will laugh, cry, and connect to stories from big names. Some include Patton Oswalt, Michael Cera, Jason Kander, and Minnie Driver. Each guest shares recollections from their childhood. These memories include reflections on obstacles they overcame to find success. The audience will discover how Rachel Bloom balances work and family life. Chris Gethard explains how he manages his mental well-being. Sociologist Tressie McMillan Cottom shares stories about being an only child.

Many episodes uncover life-changing advice too. These help listeners navigate unforeseen circumstances in a fun yet realistic way.

The Three Questions with Andy Richter emanates a genuine sense of kinship between the host and his guests. Some might even think they're all best friends. Each episode runs for an hour or more and is available to listen to on Amazon Music.

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