What it Takes to Lead Well in Difficult Times: A Conversation on Leadership with Ambassador Ron Kirk

Governing God's Way with Dorothy Burton

Feb 9 2022 • 51 mins

The Honorable Ron Kirk is the first African American elected as Mayor of the City of Dallas. He led the amazing transformation of a sleepy downtown Dallas to a city within a city - brimming with a bustling nightlife, parks, trendy restaurants and attractive downtown living. Unheard of before his term as Mayor. He led major expansion of thoroughfares, led the effort in pulling off what many said could not be done - bringing together voters and populations long at odds, divided by race and socio-economics, across the north/south divide; and, with tremendous opposition winning by a hair, the referendum to build the American Airlines Center, Victory Park --- resulting in a domino effect of economic development, business relocations and the Dallas that many have come to love today. Catching the eye of President Barack Obama, the President would name Mayor Kirk as U.S. Trade Representative.

Ambassador Kirk shares with us techniques and tools, attributes and skills necessary to lead well - especially needed in the tumultuous political climate today.

An intriguing conversation on what it takes to lead, connect and motivate.  A conversation every public servant leader would do well and be blessed to listen. It doesn't get any better. What it takes to lead and finish well.

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