Conscious Uncoupling with Jennifer Kaylor Ruscin

Sexually Speaking with Shannon

Mar 2 2023 • 38 mins

Breaking up is hard to do, but it can be done with love, respect, and dignity. Jennifer Kaylor Ruscin helps you create a breakup that leaves you and your partner feeling good, where you're both excited about the next phase of your lives.

Jennifer is a mom to 2 teenage boys, partner to Scott, multi-million dollar revenue generator of a sales & marketing firm, podcast host, & sex and relationship coach.

In this podcast episode:

03:00 - What is conscious uncoupling?

06:00 - Jen's experience with conscious uncoupling

10:30 - Doing things differently while practicing conscious uncoupling

12:00 - What kind of emotional support did Jen get when she was having the divorce from her husband?

13:40 - How Jen found her second husband

19:30 - Conscious uncoupling on an emotional scale

25:00 - How do you tell to the kids?

31:40 - Additional resources about conscious uncoupling

34:00 - If you are thinking about breaking up with your partner

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