Connection Codes with Dr. Glenn & Phyllis

Sexually Speaking with Shannon

May 11 2023 • 57 mins

My guests today are Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill, who spent the first 30 years of their marriage living in disconnect.

Their first sexual experience sent them into years of avoidance and pain.

Dr. Glenn was determined to find out what went wrong so he went back to school and became a marriage and family therapist and a clinical sexologist. But it wasn't until he dug deep into emotional regulation that he discovered the source of all of their disconnect.

On the other side of the pain that they went through, Dr. Glenn and Phyllis created the Connection Codes,  a framework to help couples connect emotionally and physically using their four-minute tool.

Now they are authors, speakers, and have connection coders in over 50 countries who are living in peace in their relationships.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful story as much as I did!

In this episode:

01:00 - Dr. Glenn and Phyllis’ story

05:00 - A traumatic and disappointing first sexual experience

10:30 - We may think other couples are doing great

20:50 - A couple's pivotal moment: a comment about unloading the dishwasher leads to the discovery

26:00 - Tools or books Dr. Glenn and Phyllis read to improve their intimacy?

33:00 - The Core Emotion Wheel

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