How to Talk About THE Talk with Dakota Russell

Sexually Speaking with Shannon

Oct 8 2022 • 32 mins

Today we have Dakota Russell who is graduate of East Tennessee State University. We talk about STIs and sex education in schools is important.
Dakota shares the importance of having these conversations and about her upcoming program offered online called, “How to Talk about the Talk,” aka “HTAT.”

You can register for this program at this link:

In this Episode:

02:00 - STD vs STI
03:50 - How did Dakota become a student who wanted to study about STIs and educating parents about it?
04:50 - Dakota’s programs for sex education
08:45 - The stigma on women and sex education
14:30 - Teaching the proper ways to have sex to prevent suicide rates
16:30 - Sex education FAQs
19:00 - Teen pregnancies
22:00 - The high chlamydia and gonorrhea rates in Tennessee
24:00 - How does high STI rates affect relationships?

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