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"The Don't Unfriend Me Show" explores a broad range of political themes, from satire to serious topics, with Matt Speer, a Navy Intel veteran, husband, and father, leading the show. Matt shares his views to stimulate constructive discussions. The show aims to provide a balanced perspective on complex issues, welcoming participants of all political affiliations to share their unique viewpoints.

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Rosa Parks Reimagined, TikTok Tensions, and Starbucks' Gender Dialogue
1w ago
Rosa Parks Reimagined, TikTok Tensions, and Starbucks' Gender Dialogue
Intro: 00:00 God Isn’t A Joke: 01:27Busted Says, Rosa: 14:10Starbucks Gets Burned: 15:50Closing: 17:55 Segment 1: "Echoes of the Past" We begin with a reflective journey to Montgomery, Alabama, where a modern advertising campaign draws on the iconic image of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott to promote a new show. This segment explores the intersection of historical civil rights movements with contemporary advertising strategies. We discuss the implications of invoking such a pivotal moment in history for commercial purposes and the reactions it has sparked within the community.Segment 2: "Digital Discourse" Next, we turn our attention to the digital arena where Darren Mays, known for his provocative TikTok content, challenges conservative viewpoints and questions the role of religion in modern society. This segment dissects the impact of social media on political and religious discourse, examining how platforms like TikTok serve as battlegrounds for ideological clashes.Segment 3: "Identity in the Everyday" Our final segment delves into Starbucks' recent initiative to include messages about gender reassignment surgery on their cups. This move, aimed at supporting transgender and non-binary communities, has sparked conversation about corporate responsibility, consumer engagement, and the visibility of LGBTQ+ issues in public spaces. #rosaparks, #starbuckswoke, #darrenmays, #incrediberryBecome a supporter of this podcast:
The Power of Fatherhood Pt. 2: A Conversation with Alan Donovan from Fathers Lives Matter
Feb 13 2024
The Power of Fatherhood Pt. 2: A Conversation with Alan Donovan from Fathers Lives Matter
In the second episode of "The Power of Fatherhood," Alan Donovan returns to shed light on his battle for justice for his son. As the founder of "Father's Lives Matter," Alan's determination to seek accountability and change in the legal system is unwavering. Tonight, we delve into Alan's remarkable relationship with a father-like Judge, a beacon of hope in his tumultuous journey. Their bond transcends the courtroom, revealing a shared commitment to fairness and compassion. The episode also highlights the struggles of veteran fathers navigating the legal maze to gain custody of their children. Through their stories, we witness the systemic challenges and prejudices they confront, shedding light on the urgent need for reform.Matt and Alan share their own deeply personal stories, intricately intertwined yet divergent in outcome. While Alan's perseverance and advocacy have yielded progress, Matt's journey has been fraught with setbacks and injustices for over 25 years. Despite their differing paths, their bond as fathers fighting for their children unites them in solidarity and empathy.Amidst the hardships, Alan Donovan's message of hope resonates profoundly. His resilience and determination inspire not only those directly affected but also advocates and allies striving for a fairer, more equitable system.Tune in tonight to witness the raw emotions, the triumphs, and the resilience of fathers fighting for their children's future, only on "The DUM Show."@fatherslivesmatter #fatherslivesmatter #AlanDonovanBecome a supporter of this podcast: