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These are the live recordings from Twitter (X) spaces each Saturday at 2PM PST.

We cover the Cryptocurrency project EverGrow Token and utilities such as LunaSky NFT Marketplace, Atlas Wallet (defi wallet), Lucro Token and other utilities. Also cover cryptocurrency news and how to protect yourself from scams.

None of the topics covered in this podcast should be considered investing advice. Do you own research before investing in any cryptocurrency project.

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Space #63 - Let鈥檚 talk EverGrow - Special Guests Turtle Syndicate and PiggyCoinBSC!
Nov 21 2023
Space #63 - Let鈥檚 talk EverGrow - Special Guests Turtle Syndicate and PiggyCoinBSC!
In this episode we have 2 guest speakers! The first is am_panic - Founder of The Turtle Syndicate (Thank you Rocket! for setting this up!) and PiggyCoinBSC - a very new token project on the Binance Smartchain. With the Turtle syndicate, we talk about their native token Tortle (TRTL) on the Cardano blockchain, new NFT collection coming out, the Villains. Panic describes the origins of The Turtle Syndicate and future plans including a comic series. Very exciting stuff - a very popular NFT project that you will enjoy listening to.PiggyCoinBSC started in June of 2023 so a very new token project on BNB. At the time of recording, they have roughly 250 holders so very early in the project. Don鈥檛 let their age fool you though - This piggy has been busy and has already managed to innovate in the space through their own site, completely sell out of their very first NFT project, introduce soft staking, already have a diversified portfolio in the PiggyVault and much much more. Hope you enjoy!SteveSupport the show Contact EverGrow Steve 路 Tweet us at @_EverGrowSteve @EverGrowcoinEGC @LunaSkyNFT @AtlasWallet @LucroToken 路 Email me @into.the.details.2@gmail.com As you can tell, we all love EverGrow Token and we are avid supporters of the project and utilities. Please do not construe our enthusiasm as investment advice. You should always do you own research before making any investment choices. I am not an investment advisor and you should consult a professional before making any investment choices. Opinions expressed in the podcasts are our own. Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed the podcast.