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Omega-3s are popular and among the most researched nutrients on the planet, but do you know what they are or what they do? Most people don’t. We engage experts from around the globe to tell their stories of intrigue and discovery and translate science into news you can use. From how-to’s to health benefits, from personalized testing to public health, our interview style podcast dedicated to understanding omega-3 nutrition from Wiley Companies will leave you informed and – caution – it may even cause improvement to your health. read less
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Fish oil from sea to shelf and the role of sustainability
May 20 2021
Fish oil from sea to shelf and the role of sustainability
Show Description:Daniel Wiley shares how being receptive to business opportunities opened the door to becoming a global supplier of fish oils. The realization that fish oil was not just another product to process, but a healthful ingredient that enriches human lives. Hear the steps involved in getting omega-3s from the ocean to a bottle. Learn what is involved in managing fishing in a healthy, sustainable manner; the commitment to protect this natural, limited resource and the culture for future generations. Topics Discussed:3:26 Introduction to Wiley Companies evolution 5:05 AlaskOmega and Wild Alaskan Pollock 7:55 Wiley's US supply chain and manufacturing process 13:50 Sources of EPA & DHA 15:36 Fish being collectors of EPA & DHA 17:21 Addressing sustainability and overfishing concerns Dan Wiley Bio:Dan was trained as a mechanical engineer at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He worked in aerospace immediately after university, but over the years he has become a chemical engineer by osmosis through working at Wiley Companies, holding a variety of positions in company leadership. He has been working with Omega-3 fish oils since 2008, helping to build and grow the AlaskOmega product line for Wiley from initial conception. Dan is passionate about Omega-3 EPA/DHA and how these ingredients can impact people’s lives for the better.Resources Mentioned in this episode:Wiley Companies - www.wileyco.comMSC Seaspiracy response -