111: A New Approach to Dating with Camille Robinson Rogers

The In Session Podcast

Jun 28 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

Camille Robinson Rogers describes herself as the daughter of the king, a wife, an instant mom, actress, model, encourager, and everyone’s a sister! I've known her for many years and have had the special privilege of calling her one of my close friends. Camille is one of those people who always has wisdom and encouragement to share to the world & my admiration of her runs deep. I invited her onto the show today because she's managed to do something very differently than I see the majority of us out here in these streets doing... dating and marriage.
You're gonna love her! She's the girl who can be described by her music playlist. She's a little bit of Cardi B and Maverick City Music, Beyonce' & Elevation. She is all those things. In a nutshell, she is fun and spirit filled.
A few weeks ago, we had lunch and as she gushed about her husband, a phrase she used jumped out at me in such a way that I couldn't get it out of my head. It's been circling through my thoughts ever since that day. She said, "He is so careful with my heart." When I think of what that must be like, it literally brings me to tears because I've never personally experienced a love like that and seeing her live it in real time is a shining example of what is actually possible. I loved this conversation & found it to be so healing & I'm sure you will too.
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