Employee-Owned Firm: How to Effectively Make People Accountable for the Business’ Future Which Leads to Inevitable Growth with LJA Engineering’s Greg Patch

Building Scale

Apr 26 2022 • 56 mins

Holistic growth…

Take care of the body like you’d care for the mind.

Can’t be all study while you let the body rot away!

You need to move. You have to be fit enough! Because how else will you enact what your mind thinks if the body is too frail to keep up? How do you expect to take care of others when you can’t take care of yourself?

Not too far from what any business demands, really!

Where you are the head/mind of your business, your people are autonomous “body parts” who make the business “move”. You need to empower them and give them the proper care so that they respond to make your vision come true.

On this episode, we’ve got Greg Patch from LJA Engineering, an Engineering News-Record Top 100 National Firm offering full-service engineering and consulting services to public and private sector clients, to share with us the best way to empower your people and make them accountable for theirs and your business’s futures, ultimately leading to continuous growth and success of the business.

Greg is the VP of Land Development in the Houston office of LJA Engineering. He has more than 25 years of design-build, development, and construction experience in the civil engineering field. He has provided a complete spectrum of design capabilities for complex site development projects including commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional, multi-family, and retail developments in the United States and internationally.

Greg shares that as an entity, LJA is on a mission to design results and deliver purpose-driven projects for their clients and employee-owners in all communities they serve.

Why have employee-owners?

Because company ownership builds loyalty, motivates people to perform their best, and fosters an environment where employees and clients have mutual respect and interest in the successful outcome of each project.

Satisfied, fulfilled personnel care about the jobs they do and the future of their company. LJA takes care of their employees, so their employees can devote their best to taking care of the clients.

Simply put, LJA best achieves their mission by creating an environment that fosters holistic growth for each participant in the business, directly resulting in the continuous success and growth of their business.

How does employee-ownership work? What does it mean to be in the business of setting expectations? Why should you adopt this culture in your business?

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Check these out to discover more about employee-ownership from LJA Engineering and Greg Patch:

Website: lja.com
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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/greg-patch-5993518

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