Mindfields Comics and Wrestling Podcast

Mindfields Left and Right Brain

The Mindfields Comics Podcast is an off-the-cuff conversation between guys just like you, Joshua Michael and Colin Warde. Every week they bring you opinions on the nature of comics and wrestling entertainment, and editorial articles about deeper issues, authors, series, and other culture.

At its core, the Mindfields Comics Podcast is about the craft of narrative storytelling, whether it be comics and wrestling or movies, television, novels, and entertainment. Colin and Joshua, the creators and commentators, draw from their vast experiences and collective knowledge to share their love of the mediums, their collections, and their fandom.

Most fans of comics and wrestling see a parallel between the characters they know and love in the pages and in the ring: there’s a consistent narrative. That’s why Joshua and Colin started The Mindfields Comics Podcast, to explore the existing content and celebrate its development. Every week the pair dive into current trending comics and sports entertainment to champion the triumphs of their creators, and observe what ‘got over’ with the fans, and where it’s going.

Colin grew up feeling like his love of comic books made him an outsider. Joshua had trouble finding anyone as fanatic about wrestling as himself. Lo there came a day unlike any other where two forces met to become best friends and thus to deliver to everyone else the conversation they yearned for in the car, on a plane, or anywhere else they could listen to a podcast. Download The Mindfields Comics Podcast to join the growing interaction of the like-minded.

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