Informal Observations with Skyrocket Educator Training

Meredith Howell-Turner

What is INFORMAL OBSERVATIONS? A no-holds-barred, raw and unfiltered deep dive into all things K-12 education, co-hosted by Michael Sonbert (Founder) and Antonio Vance (Chief Schools Officer) from Skyrocket Educator Training.
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Season 2 Episode 6: Rebel Culture Part 1
Season 2 Episode 6: Rebel Culture Part 1Season 2 Episode 5: Special Education Deep-Dive Part 1Season 2 Episode 4: Education as a Political ActSeason 2 Episode 3: Ch-ch-ch-changes!Season 2 Episode 2: Eliminate Girl HateSeason 2 Episode 1: Back to SchoolEpisode 13: The "Science" of SuccessEpisode 12: Organizational HealthEpisode 11: All In For KidsEpisode 10: The Equity HypocrisyEpisode 9: Wisdom From The Other Side of the PondEpisode 8: Teacher Coaching and Shots of JägermeisterEpisode 7: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese(steaks) - Building Authentic RelationshipsEpisode 6: Goals, Goals, GoalsEpisode 5: Beyonce, Buzz Words and Bold LeadershipEpisode 4: Execution is EverythingEpisode 3: LiberatED talks Race, Class, and Privilege...with a side of Milwaukee's finest cuisineEpisode 2: What Makes the Thing the Thing?Episode 1: Black Girls Love Math