EP. 81 3 Parenting Roles that help you Communicate without shame and hurt with Special Guest Cynthia Klein

No-Problem Parenting

Aug 16 2022 • 31 mins

How is your communication going with your child?

Are you a parent who is feeling stuck and maybe even at the end of your rope?

Today's guest Cynthia Klein shares how parents can break the negative cycles you may be caught in and create reciprocal communication.

Cynthia is a Family Happiness Expert and Parenting Coach her passion is to create world peace by first creating peace within each family. As the author of Ally Parenting, she has created a unique formula for parents to transform conflict into cooperation. For more than 29 years, she has spoken in person at hundreds of schools and organizations, successfully coached parents of 5 to 25-year-olds, and taught numerous online courses based on her highly effective Ally Parenting approach. She earned a Child Psychology Degree at U.C. Berkeley, taught elementary school, and is certified in adult education and many parenting education programs.

Cynthia is the mother of a married daughter with whom she shares a deep bond of mutual respect, trust, and love based on her Ally Parenting approach she developed and used while raising her daughter.

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