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One on One: A talk with USC assistant athletic director Mike Swets
Jun 20 2023
One on One: A talk with USC assistant athletic director Mike Swets
Do you ever wonder what it takes to manage a top NCAA basketball program? had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Swets, the USC Assistant Athletic Director for Basketball Operations, to get an inside look at the world of college athletics administration. From his journey as a high school player to becoming a key member of the Trojans program, Mike shares insights on the various roles within the program, including managing team travel, coordinating daily schedules, and acting as a program liaison.The offseason is often overlooked in college basketball, but it's a crucial time for operations staff like Mike. We delve into the six-month offseason process, from recruiting to preparing for the upcoming season, and discuss the importance of technology and networking with other operations staff around the country. Additionally, Mike gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the complexities of building a college basketball schedule and the recruiting strategies that have made USC a successful program.Finally, Mike shares his top three memorable moments since joining the Trojans, talks about the significance of basketball analytics and scouting, and his aspirations for the USC basketball program in the next decade. Don't miss this engaging conversation that offers a fascinating perspective on the inner workings of college athletics administration and the dedication it takes to succeed.The Dunk City Podcast is the podcast of record for the USC basketball community. You can find all episodes at, or on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon. Contact us at