Entrepreneurship in Tech with Constance Curtis, Founder at The List

In Her Ellement

Jul 11 2022 • 22 mins

Anyone who has ever dreamt of becoming a tech entrepreneur will ask themselves pivotal questions. How will I raise capital?  Where do I recruit talent? What if I don’t know how to code?  Constance Curtis founded The List to revolutionize modern dating, driven by her frustration with online dating apps.  She shares her founder's journey with us in this episode.

As a consumer in the online dating space, Constance was fed up with all of the common problems that people experience; online misrepresentation, the time and energy investment involved and the discouragement from not finding a successful match. Constance decided to found The List with the idea of revolutionizing dating for the 21st Century using AI and data science to make dating a more efficient, successful and enjoyable experience.  As a tech entrepreneur Constance faces the challenges of raising capital, recruiting smart talented tech co-founders to work alongside her and how you’ve got to just keep going even after setbacks.  Constance’s story is sure to be inspiring to anyone who has ever had a dream of running their own business and she’s got valuable real-world experience to share of how to make it happen.

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