How to Drop the Ball with Tiffany Dufu, CEO of The Cru

In Her Ellement

Jun 27 2022 • 25 mins

How do you manage it all?  That’s a question that Tiffany Dufu used to dismiss.  But after all of the balls came crashing down for her she shared her story of letting go in her memoir manifesto, Drop the Ball.  Now she spends every day committed to her life’s work of advancing women & girls.

This conversation is a “fireside chat” recorded at a BCG Women at Gamma event 06/10/22. Tiffany Dufu is Founder & CEO of The Cru; a peer coaching platform for women looking to accelerate their professional and personal growth.  She was a launch team member at Levo, a technology company and one of the fastest growing millennial professional networks. In this conversation Tiffany shares the immense pressure she felt to manage it all and the importance of cultivating the ability to let go.  She shares her many insights on how to advance women & girls; through promoting more women into leadership positions, creating communities of support and advancing women who are “in the middle.”  For anyone who has ever felt fear of dropping the ball, Tiffany’s story is sure to inspire you to let go.

Visit the website for Tiffany’s company, The Cru to access resources to support women in their career, networking, business, finances, self-care & more.

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