Meet the Hosts Andrea Gallego & Corin Lines

In Her Ellement

May 16 2022 • 14 mins

Each episode our hosts engage with women leaders in technology, business and digital to learn how they’ve built their careers in these rapidly changing industries.  This episode is a little different—it turns the tables on the hosts of the show; AI expert Andrea Gallego and product designer Corin Lines, two leaders from BCG.

Andrea and Corin share how their childhood passions foreshadowed their future work endeavors.  They dig into the statistic that women still only make up a third of the industry in tech; why is this and what can be done to change it?  They offer advice and encouragement to support women considering entering the industry. They also discuss the challenges of sourcing and retaining female talent and the problem of representation; how do you imagine yourself in a role without being able to see anyone like you there?

Join us every episode with hosts Andrea Gallego & Corin Lines from BCG to hear meaningful conversations with women in digital, technology and business.

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