Finding Your Value Add with Sita Sonty, Partner and Associate Director of Aerospace at BCG

In Her Ellement

Aug 22 2022 • 24 mins

How can you find your unique value add? Sita Sonty shares how she went from being a multilingual translator and diplomat to working for BCG as its Associate Director of Aerospace. In this episode, Sita discusses her unconventional route into science and technology and the challenge of overcoming imposter syndrome.

This episode was hosted by Dr. Adi Zolotov, Partner and Associate Director of Data Science at BCG Gamma. Sita began her career as a Career Service Officer at the U.S. State Department. Her diplomatic journey spanned nine countries and seven languages, eventually leading her back to the U.S to eventually join SpaceX as an Executive of Human Space Flight. Sita has often found that she has been the only woman in the boardroom, and credits her success, in part, to the many sponsors and mentors that have supported her along the way. As a single mom of two children, Sita passionately advocates for us to re-think our notions of productivity, and measure our success based on the impact we have achieved rather than the number of hours we put in.

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