7 - Don't Let Fear Hold You Back from Becoming a Speaker

Get Paid to Speak

Jan 10 2023 • 26 mins

Of all the things that keep adults from achieving their goals with getting paid to speak, is fear. It holds them back. It might be the fear that they won't succeed, that others will laugh at them, that they won't be accepted or that they might fail. Many of us heard the message over and over, "You're not good enough," and many are allowing that endless tape to play over and over, especially when we feel that others didn't like what we had to offer.

Doug Foresta is a therapist and podcasting coach and someone I've included in my inner circle for years. I've invited him in to speak to groups I've been a part of and we worked together for workforce development groups nationally. I had an opportunity to be featured as a guest on Doug's radio show and we discussed, not only what's inside my book, but the things like fear that hold people back from bringing their gifts to the world.

When you are presenting something that ignites the passion in you, everything changes. The topic is delivered effectively, the audience is receptive and you as a speaker feel so complete and aligned with yourself and your message. So figure out what your message is and start putting it together to change the lives of others. This recording is the property of Bill Corbett and the GET PAID TO SPEAK PODCAST, copyright 2023. All rights reserved.

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