Sis, Get Your Ish Together


Author. Accountability Coach. Internet Big Sis.

From toxic relationships to healthy ones, heartbreaks to healing, dating to committed relationships, spirituality to self-love, accountabilty and growth - I talk candidly about it all.
If you're a woman who isn't sensitive to honesty, then go get a snack, a juice box, or a glass of wine, move your triggers to the side so you can open up your mind...and enjoy.

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Our Editor's Take

Sis, Get Your Ish Together is a relationship and mental health podcast. Once upon a time, Cici.B felt trapped in recurring bad relationships. The host freed herself from years of toxic relationships via resources and inner strength. Somehow, she prevailed and overcame the habits that saw her repeat past mistakes. She shares her story and practical information for healing from trauma. She wants to help others break the circle of bad relationships by offering tips and insights. She discusses everything from finding a healthy relationship to making money online.

Cici.B brings much expertise to Sis, Get Your Ish Together. The podcast host is the author of several self-improvement books. These include The Self-love Bible, Blush, and Letters to My Ex. The host also has several affirmation journals and blogs. Cici.B has a large social media following and legions of admiring fans. Many praise the host for her candid observations. She's outspoken about relationships, society's expectations of women, and many more issues.

The podcast addresses issues like emotional health, relationship red flags, and inner work. The host believes that change begins with a lot of internal dialogue. Cici.B shares reasons why having a relationship standard is not being picky. She insists it's a form of self-love and acceptance. She shares her quest for self-discovery and determination not to settle for less.

In one podcast episode, Cici.B airs her displeasure over societal fallacies worsened by social media. The host states that there is a falsehood about women making the rounds on social media. It involves the claim that women over a certain age are "broken, bitter, and jaded." According to the host, this description could apply to any gender, not just women. She calls out the dangers of such a mindset about women.

Sis, Get Your Ish Together promises to empower anyone ready to live their best life. Listeners discover that self-care and self-love begin deep within. Cici.B has insight and charisma, too.

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